Utility tools for GLIMS

These tools are designed to be used by the GLIMS community. See the related GLIMS Algorithms page.

Web-based Tools

ASTER gain calculator
An on-line tool to calculate ASTER gain settings appropriate for snowy targets as a function of day-of-year, latitude, and ASTER band number.
Shapefile flattening tool
An on-line tool to "flatten" shapefiles. Some people have digitized glaciers in such a way that internal rock outcrops (nunataks) have been represented by "holes" in the glacier polygon. In the shapefile itself, these "holes" are sub-parts to the main glacier polygon, and share attributes with it. The GLIMS Data Transfer Specification, however, requires that internal rock outcrops be represented by their own top-level polygons, so that they can be individually attributed. This tool converts shapefiles with glacier polygons containing holes into shapefiles where the holes have been made into top-level polygons. These new polygons inherit all the attributes of their parents, except that the "category" attribute is set to "intrnl_rock". For best results, the input shapefile(s) should already have the attribute "ID" populated with GLIMS glacier IDs, and the attribute "category" populated with "glac_bound".

Upload a tar or zip archive of one or more 'segments' shapefiles. The archive may contain subdirectories.
GLIMS glacier ID generation tool
An on-line tool to generate GLIMS glacier IDs from a list of longitude/latitude coordinates.

Downloadable Tools

Ice-divide algorithms
ArcInfo and ArcMap procedures for determining ice divides between mountain glaciers, developed and contributed by William Manley.